Sunday, October 28, 2012

On September, 16th, 2012 RC Johnston played 2 sets of primarily hawaiian inspired music. These songs came to fruition after visiting the Big Island for the first time.

The performance was held at the Cottage Bistro in Vancouver, BC. Fellow guitarists Paul Schutz, Dibson Hoffweiler, and Ryan Leaf shared the stage that evening (those recordings will be available shortly too). The majority of these songs were heard for the first time this evening as they have yet to be recorded.

My memories of the evening were that the crowd was very respectful, and that they were there for the music. There were many of RC’s friends and co-worker’s there (including his fellow high school pal and longtime friend Richard). My Parent’s, aunt, and good friend Herb made the jaunt to Vancouver too! It was a great evening, and I for one am happy I was able to partake (and listen to these fine guitarists to boot).

I purchased a zoom H4N the night before leaving to Vancouver. This is what recorded the event. I set a little mic stand to the left of the performer (the stage was just to the right of the front door. You will hear some noise from people coming and going (and traffic outside), but overall I was impressed with the outcome of the recording. I edited into tracks so that tuning/banter are their own tracks. In itunes choose gapless playback, or no time between tracks if you are using another audio player. I did not compress into a different format. Each set is in a zip folder and I included a front cover (along with a couple photo’s).

I did get some film footage of some of each artist’s performance. I will post in the upcoming months.

Download link:

Password: brandx

The picture was taken by Paul Schutz and was borrowed by the click of my mouse via his website (

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