Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dibson T Hoffweiler

Below is a link to Dibson's set from September 16th, 2012 in Vancouver, BC.  He shared the stage with RC Johnston, Paul Schutz, and Ryan Leaf.  The picture was taken by Paul Schutz and was borrowed by the click of my mouse via his website (www.paulschutz.com)

Dibson had some nice original pieces that he he played, and through out a few traditional pieces (along with a cover of Red Pony).  I did not know the names of some of the tracks, and I encoded it to 320 mp3.


Password: dibs


  1. Ryan- Thanks for posting this! Here is the full set list:

    - Mt. Abbrev.
    - Border Driven
    - Sebastapol (Trad.)
    - Red Pony (John Fahey)
    - 5AM Awake in Bed
    - Time in Either Direction
    - The Transmigration Of The Old West (Aaron Sheppard)
    - Marinade Serenade
    - Running, Flowers in Hand

    All tunes by myself, Dibson T Hoffweiler, except when noted above.

    A lot of the pieces are on my new record, 5AM AWAKE IN BED, which can be heard and purchased at:


  2. Some how I think I missed d/l and listening to this. Just fixed that. Thanks Ryan, and thanks Dibson!